Join Us in Celebrating Black Love on February 13th!!

Celebrate Black Love Day (BLD) - February 13th

Part of self-determination for a People and a Nation is the ability to choose their own heroes, their own customs and their own holidays among many other things. As African people in the diaspora and in the continent self-determination is a vital component of our Liberation. At Culture 4 Freedom, we are critical-thinkers and we chose to celebrate Black Love Day because it aligns to our mission and purpose of Being the Change that We Want to See. We also believe the principles of Black Love Day should be continuously applied for empowerment, growth and sustainability. Everyday is Black Love Day!

Since 1993, Black Love Day is a nationally commemorated African-American Holiday observance of atonement, reconciliation, celebration and demonstration of Black Love through 5 Tenets or Acts of Love for our:

  • Self
  • Creator
  • Family
  • Community
  • Race

The goals of this day are to increase love, peace, harmony, positivity, honor, respect and cooperation within our Community.

On the first Black Love Day in 1993, Ayo Handy-Kendi, has shared the BLD tenets and their higher love vibrations with millions and wrote her “Black Love Book”, which can be ordered through

The symbol for BLD is the Akoma. Akoma means “heart,” and it is a symbol of love, goodwill, patience, faithfulness, fondness, endurance, and consistency. Though the heart shape is a universal symbol representing love, it is also an Adinkra symbol with a slighty different meaning. As an Adinkra, the heart shape represents patience and tolerance. In Akan, “Nya akoma,” literally “Get a heart” means take heart–be patient.


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